Fundamental Concepts and Techniques, Annual Tuition $1,200

Fundamental Concepts and Techniques of Dynamic Psychotherapy is a one year introductory psychodynamic training for recent graduates and those interested in or returning to clinical practice. This program is designed to assist students in continuing their professional growth and increase their theoretical knowledge and psychotherapy skills. Trained therapists teach central concepts, and present and discuss relevant clinical material in addition to supervising aspects of clinical work.


Clinical Program, Annual Tuition $2,300

The Clinical Program on Psychotherapy Practice is a two-year certificate training program which offers an in-depth study of contemporary psychodynamic theories and their application to various models of psychotherapy.  The Program employs both didactic and experiential approaches to learning.  The unifying thread within curriculum is an understanding of the therapeutic relationship as a powerful force for healing. 


National Group Psychotherapy Institute, Annual Tuition $1,000

The Institute comprises a two-year program of six intensive group conferences, focusing on contemporary approaches to psychodynamic group psychotherapy and issues in group therapy. Each conference offers multiple opportunities within the faculty/member community for didactic and experiential learning, including lectures and panel discussions, demonstration groups, and both small and large group experiences.




Supervision Training, Annual Tuition $720

Psychoanalytic Observational Studies, Annual Tuition $2,350

Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, Annual Tuition $1,200 - $1,900

The Supervision Training Program comprises a one-year curriculum which provides experienced supervisors and those interested in psychotherapy supervision a background in the theory and practice of supervision from a psychodynamic perspective, and provides an opportunity to look more deeply into the complexity of constructing a positive supervisory environment. This program provides a comprehensive view of the overlaps and differences between supervision and psychotherapy.

This two-year training follows the model of Observation Studies pioneered and developed by Esther Bick at the Tavistock Clinic in London. Infant Observers Develop observational, reflective, and therapeutic skills. It is design to understand communication  in the therapeutic process and the factors that promote healthy emotional development in families and individuals of all ages.   Observers come to comprehend both how relationships are developed and how we become part of each other’s world . 

ISTDP program students can opt to take year-one, or pursue the full three-year certificate. ISTDP is an evidence-based therapy model that offers an attachment-focused system of assessment and intervention that can help you increase your attunement and effectiveness with a wide range of patients. ISTDP has been found to be effective with treatment-resistant and somatoform conditions, and has been found to be cost-effective, with shortened treatment lengths, across a wide range of conditions.


Study of Aging & Clinical Applications, Annual Tuition $1,000

The Washington School of Psychiatry’s the Center for the Study of Psychotherapy for Older Adults and Clinical Applications is a 2 year-certification. The training  offers a series of 6 weekend conferences to help professionals stay current in their work with aging adults and their families. These conferences will provide important knowledge and skills to better serve the aging adult population in a wide range of settings.  Previous work serving aging adults is not a pre-requisite.


Child & Adolescent Training Program, Annual Tuition $1,950

The Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Training Program is a two-year postgraduate certificate program.  Topics include principles of child development, psychopathology, assessment, parent work and psychotherapy of children and adolescents from a primarily psychodynamic orientation.  The scope of the coursework and the broad experience of our faculty offer clinicians in both public service agencies and private practice a unique opportunity to enhance their professional lives.

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